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Old 07-13-08, 04:09 PM
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Default 2008 Session - Online Newspapers Web Survey

Online Newspapers Web Survey – Dr. Jennifer Wood Adams, Auburn University

Jennifer provided information gained from a nationwide survey of weekly newspapers. I confess to not taking very good notes during this presentation, but I found the survey posted online HERE

It is an interesting read even though Jennifer is not there to sum it all up for you.

These are some points I remember being covered:

It is recommended that newspapers conduct audience research to find out why customers are going online and what they are reading on newspaper websites.

She noted the trend is moving away from subscription based sites, with readers unwilling to pay for content they can often find for free elsewhere. Though there may be certain content they are willing to pay to read.

The group discussed concerns about cannibalization of print products if content is presented free on the website. In a study of six major newspapers, research showed print readership remained strong among web users.

This from the survey: “With the Internet, weekly newspapers can start to level the playing field and compete with other media outlets when it comes to breaking news. They can break news on their Web sites and not wait, sometimes a full week, before publishing a story in their printed editions. However, only 12 percent of respondents report updating their sites daily. As previously stated, 63 percent of online newspaper readers say they check the Web daily for breaking news. Weekly newspapers would be wise to update their Web content on a daily basis. This could help weekly newspapers stay competitive with other media outlets during normal news cycles, and especially during major news events.”

Interactive features are important for attracting web readers to sites.
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