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Old 07-28-08, 01:40 PM
Josh Martin Josh Martin is offline
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Default Advertising Sorrows

Anyone else experiencing a slump in advertising?

I work for two local weekly papers and am having a hard time spurring new business.

Anyone else out there?
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Old 08-07-08, 01:41 PM
Tom Larimer Tom Larimer is offline
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Default Good question!

Good question Josh. I wish others would post with their own situations and perhaps offer some approach or promotions that might be useful at a non-daily newspaper during these times.
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Old 08-28-08, 05:57 PM
DeltaCreative DeltaCreative is offline
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The slump is not in advertising. The slump is in the vehicle. More and more of my clients are looking at web to deliver their message. It does not go very far, but this is the market perception. More and more newspapers are experimenting with the web. Dismal failures. Simple solutions.

The small markets that I deal with view their websites as freebies or extras just so that they can say they have one.... WRONG. Treat it just like the print edition and you have a winner, or at least you have the start of a winning plan. Heck... some of my clients would rather spend the money on a newspapers website ONLY and forego the print edition. Print is not dead or even die'n. It just has a new brother.
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