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Default Free serialized story for NIE programs

Kevin Loker, Program Coordinator, American Press Institute, has announced a FREE serialized story for NIE programs. See below:

We have a "wonderful story to offer you for free! Frances Milburn, a recently retired Middle School teacher has adapted one of her unpublished stories into serial form. She asked what I looked for in a serial story and for what audience and she made it perfect! She even includes newspaper references like “found a used dresser in the classifieds”. It is titled “Hundred Dollar Cat”.

The story is geared toward 3rd through 8th grade reading and interest level and fine for 2nd grade read out loud. It is filled with character lessons and real consequences throughout the nine chapters. Each chapter is approximately 900 words and includes a colored graphic. Fran wrote a wonderful teacher’s guide to accompany it as well. It’s written in a fall setting, so perfect to run in October or November.

You can download the story, graphics and teachers guide at

If you choose to print “Hundred Dollar Cat” please credit the author and illustrator. You can acknowledge Fran’s generous offer to re-print her story at

Her story is be published in the Watertown Daily Times, Watertown, Wisconsin throughout October. If I can answer any questions, please contact Dawn McBride, NIE Coordinator or 920-206-8780.

Here is a story summary of “Hundred Dollar Cat”.

When Ben accidentally is given the wrong change ($100 instead of a $10 bill) by a cashier at Toppers, he pockets the money. Ben is deep in thought about the $100 on the way home when his mom hits a darting cat in the road. At his insistence, they take the injured, scruffy cat to the vet and decide to go ahead with surgery, even though it is expensive. While waiting for word on the cat, Ben again returns to thoughts of the money. Should he buy a much-desired new soccer ball? Tell his mom what happened? Help pay for the cat’s surgery?

Events unfold quickly. Ben confides to his friend Nate, just as the vet calls to announce that the surgery is successful. Ben argues with his mom about keeping the cat. Gwen, a waitress at Toppers, arrives. She is the girlfriend of Ben’s older brother Conner. During supper, she tells the family that the cashier was fired for stealing money. Ben begins to regret his decision to pocket the money, but is afraid to tell his mother.

In the end, they bring home the cat. Ben decides to give the $100 bill to his mom for the surgery and reveals how he got the money. Mom connects the money with the cashier’s mistake at Toppers, and explains that it must be returned. She thanks Ben for his humane decision to insist that they save the cat, now named Goldenrod. They are optimistic that the cat is a stray and will likely become a family pet."
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