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Default NIE Week Activities at The Graphic in Clarksville

Cudos to the Johnson County Graphic for publishing testimonials from teachers on how they use The Graphic in the classroom. Check out these Arkansas standards-based activities:

Shirley Bradford, 2nd grade teacher, Pyron Elementary
"When we studied the food groups, we used The Graphic to get the Clarksville lunch menu for the week, sort the foods served each day into the food groups and graph them on a chart. We also use the newspaper to find and learn about proper nouns. The Graphic lesson is always eagerly anticipated in our classroom."

Michelle Howell, 3rd grade teacher, Westside Elementary
"NIE is important to my class. It helps us understand the community we live in and also important events that take place in our lives weekly. My students gain a deeper understanding of what a community is, how it works, and what it needs to run smoothly. This is all done with a weekly newspaper."
Newspapers can be used to explore new words through spelling, reading, writing, etc. Newspapers offer my class a variety of ways to learn through functional print. This is a necessary skill for all my students to acquire and use throughout their lifetime!"

Judy Hughes, 1st grade teacher, Clarksville Primary
"We look for particular sight words and seeing how many times they appear in the paper. We highlight them in different colors and then we will add up and answer math questions. Other activities we have done include finding a word for each letter of the alphabet, finding our name and different activities related to money with the advertising sections. We love getting the paper and really appreciate getting them."

Madeline Phillips, 4th grade teacher, Pyron Elementary
"We use the newspaper to look for vocabulary words."

Judy Melton, 1st grade teacher, Clarksville Primary School
"I have really appreciated The Graphic this year. We have always worked with the temperature and made a graph, talked about the difference in high and low temperature and how much of a difference because weather is something the children readily identify with because it affects how they dress and whether we go out to recess.

We have always discussed the overview of article titles, found capitals and punctuation and used the ads to make math problems. We have cut and pasted letters, pictures, highlighted letters or words we are looking for, talked about the sports and vocabulary in the sports.

We have started reading different articles, picking a vocabulary word, highlighting in yellow, then using the Internet and Smart Board to display the meaning, and talked about it. The vocabulary lessons are wonderful and the kids love "reading" the paper.

We have started finding the oldest and youngest obituary, and reading them, talking about their lives. A few weeks ago, we read the obituary of a man who died on his birthday. He had served in WWII and the ship he had served on had been kamikazed in the war. The kids wanted to find out if the ship sank, we we looked that up. Then we found out the same ship had been used in the astronaut program to pick up the men when they splashed down in the ocean. It turned out to be the most intense lesson to date, and the kids were absolutely on fire to learn more about the war, the Japanese kamikaze fighters, the ship, the astronaut program. It was great!

We are reading the employment ads more now due to the number of parents looking for jobs. I ask for feedback and I hear the kids are really excited to be able to take the paper home and show their moms and dads about some of the jobs available in our area.

I have been excited to expand our use of the The Graphic and so happy that Sonic provides us with this opportunity. Many adults don't realize how much they can learn by reading all of the paper, but their child will tell them now. My students are learning about the world around them by reading the local paper and enjoying the activities I have designed around that learning. Thank you and Sonic again for that wonderful opportunity to reach out to my students in yet another way."
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