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Default Teacher Shares NIE Lesson

The Morning News Assignment

By Mrs. Phyllis Abraham, R.E. Baker Elementary

Our students have been chosen to be sponsored by The Morning News of Northwest Arkansas. They will be receiving this paper on Tuesday in class. This homework assignment in to familiarize them with the paper. It will also be explained in class.

The following questions can be found in the paper. Students will use separate sheets of paper to answer the questions-either copying the answers down or cutting the article out and pasting it on a sheet of paper. These answers will be attached to the BACK of this homework sheet.

1. How many sections are in this newspaper?
2. Name each section of the newspaper:
3. What is the website of this paper? Can you find it on my portal page?
4. What is a Proof Coin? What is an Enhanced Reverse Proof Coin? Why would I want one?
5. Why did the auto bailout proposal have to go to the White House?
6. Draw and label the SUPPERDOPLER FIVE-DAY OUTLOOK (4 days since we started with Tuesday's paper).
7. How is Greg Maddux like Lou Gehrig? (Find 3 ways)
8. List two things that are on the Kid Stuff schedule that you would be interested in at the Bentonville Library.

Mrs. Abraham, an award-winning classroom teacher, incorporates educational technology and NIE. An example, is that she has her students podcast on current events using the newspapers. She is a former APA NIE Teacher of the Year and was recently named the Bentonville Chamber of Commerce Teacher of the Year for 2008.

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