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Old 11-08-07, 10:46 AM
Lori Freeze Lori Freeze is offline
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Default ad design software

What software are you using to design your ads?

We have been using CorelDraw for years (primarily because we have had staffers who knew how to use it) but we are having more compatibility issues as time goes on. We will likely end up using Illustrator. Just wondering what everyone else is using.
Lori Freeze
news editor
Stone County Leader
Mountain View
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Old 11-12-07, 04:35 PM
Tres Tres is offline
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Default Same as for page design

We typically use the same applications for ad design that we use for page layouts: Quark XPress and InDesign, mostly InDesign these days. Debbie Kelly does most of our ad design now, and she is an InDesign aficionado. When I (rarely now) design an ad for APS, I use Quark...the same program I use for our publications.

Tres Williams
Communications director, lobbyist
Arkansas Press Association
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Old 11-13-07, 10:32 AM
Angie Angie is offline
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We use InDesign, which is the same program we use to do page layouts.
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Old 08-28-08, 05:25 PM
DeltaCreative DeltaCreative is offline
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I hope I am not to late to throw in my reply. There is no one software package for proper design. Now with that said let me clarify. I work as an ad agency so design is all I do. Page layout and production do not have a stangle hold on me. InDesign is my core choice as Quark just did not keep up with the industry trends. They are attempting to now, but just a little late. To complete the team, PhotoShop and Illustrator. The price of the entire Adobe Creative Suite just can not be beat. The expense comes in finding the right person to drive such a well tuned machine.
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