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Default Journalism Survey Results About News and Media

This survey was presented at the 2009 Oklahoma Press Association Summer Conference. The information may be of value to newspapers moving to an e-edition or upgrading their online newspaper.

The Poth Journalism Crew conducted a survey about news and media to all Poth High School students. These students all live in the vicinity of Poth, Texas, which is located 36 miles southeast of San Antonio, Texas. this is a very small rural community.

A total of 187 students were surveyed. The ages of these students ranged from 14 to 18. Below are the questions with the results directly after each question.

1. Do you do any reading outside of the classroom? 67% Yes 33% No

2. Would you be more inclined to read the newsppaer if it contained more color? 64% Yes 36% No

3. Do your parents read the newspaper often? 78% Yes 22% No

4. Do you plan on becoming a voting citizen? 91% Yes 9% No

5. If so, how would you stay up to date with current issues?
news on TV
other people

6. If you use the Internet to stay informed, do you verify the information that you read? 40% Yes 60% No

7. Would you be more interested in reading the newspaper if it contained more articles on younger society? 77% Yes 23% No

8. Is the newspaper beneficial to you for acquiring information? 52% Yes 48% No

9. Are you aware some paper are available online? 62% Yes 38% No

10. Do you have any suggestions on how to make the newspaper attract younger generations? If so, please explain:
more sports
more color
more pictures
latest fashion trends (or youth related)
advice column
technology/movies/games (reviews)
more comics (Peanuts - several requested this specific strip)
youth directed articles
consumer report type reviews (cars)
younger writers (more Junior Journalists)
vary fonts throughout paper

11. Are there any problems you have with finding certain information in the newspaper? If so please explain:
make index larger/easier to read
Classified section is confuing - too packed with small font
Print too small

From the results of the survey, many students are still using the same resources for news as generations before them. However, technology is definitely becoming a wider choice for easy acess of information. The results speak for both the interest in Internet use and information, but with the majority lacking the interest or time to verify the information received.

The Poth Journalism Crew has unanimously agreed that with our growing society, a mix of credible print and technological versions of the newspaper would benefit most. This would allow older generations and programs such as NIE to continue with the benefits of the hands-on print version while the fast-paced technologically savvy members of society can have access to the news at te click of a button.

Presented by Carolyn Estes, Oologah Lake Leader, Oologah, OK

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