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Default NAA offers free sessions - check them out!

Revenue-related sessions offer ideas, insights

In the coming weeks, NAA is presenting a variety of informative webinars on major industry topics. These free sessions pack deep insights and valuable recommendations into one hour. The time investment pays off in new ideas for your organization.

Migrating to Modular Ads
2 p.m. ET Nov. 8

Newspapers often don’t speak the same language as their customers. We speak in terms of column inches; they think in terms of space. That’s one of the reasons why Paxton Media Group has rolled out modular ads at its 34 newspapers. As a result, most contracts are now with new customers, modular accounts for 30 percent of ad revenue, and the newspapers are capturing a larger share of local ad dollars. Leonard Woolsey, publisher of the Times-Georgian in Carrollton, Ga., shares Paxton’s modular ad strategy, why the strategy makes sense for other newspapers and keys to success.

Register now for this free session.


The Used-Car Consumer Buying Process Funnel
2 p.m. ET Nov. 14

For those looking to grow auto ad revenue from local dealers, this webinar demonstrates the value proposition for newspaper media, particularly with respect to reaching used-car buyers effectively. Learn how used-car shoppers flow through the buying process and the media they rely on for information along the way. The session combines buying-process funnel statistics from CNW Research panels with dealer intercept data to make the case for newspapers.

Register now for this free session.


Paid Content Strategies, Part 1: Strategy Assessment and Recommendations
3 p.m. ET Nov. 14

In the first installment of this webinar series, Mather Economics presents an overview of paid content strategies and results based on an analysis of more than 100 sites. In addition, NAA and Mather offer a brief tutorial on a new tool – available free to NAA members – that will help model various pricing and metering scenarios. NAA members who want to gauge how their paid-content strategies are performing or who are looking for guidance on new strategies should participate in this session.

Register now for this free session.


Viewable Impressions: How to Prepare for New Ad Measurement Standards
3:30 p.m. ET Nov. 15

The Interactive Advertising Bureau, along with the American Association of Advertising Agencies and the Association of National Advertisers, has been leading an effort to develop standard metrics and approaches to measure digital advertising. One key principle that has emerged is the shift from a “served” to a “viewable” impression standard. This webinar provides an update on the move to viewable impressions – as well as other proposed ad metrics standards – and recommendations on how newspapers should prepare for this new measurement approach.

Register now for this free sesssion.

And don’t forget about Transformational Communities, a program presented by the American Press Institute with The Poynter Institute coming to Arlington, Va., on Dec. 7. This in-person workshop, led by Chuck Peters, CEO of The Gazette Co. in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, provides a framework for connecting businesses to customers, building communities of interest and engaging audiences in the conversation.
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