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Default Do you need a photography intern?

Host Newspapers Needed for Student Internship Program

The Arkansas Newspaper Foundation has eight (8) students who have applied for paid internships this year. There are still two host newspaper positions available. If you are interested, please contact Karen Brown at or call her at 479-936-6471. The host newspaper application, as well as other information about the internship program, can be found at the ANF link. The internship program is a $1500 matching grant from the ANF.

Interns are interested in the following locations in Arkansas:
Location Preference:
1- North
1- No Preference
1 North, East, or Central
1 Central
4 North or West
Areas of interest are:
Editorial (writing, reporting)
On-Line Journalism
Copy Editor
Advertising (sales, ad design)
Graphic Design

The applications look very good this year. All of the students are willing to work and seem enthusiastic about the possibility of working at a newspaper.
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