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Default Batesville Guard policy

Hi Lori, the Batesville Daily Guard also has a policy on political letters and it is very similar to yours. We do allow columnists much more leeway, of course.

Also, the editor reserves the right to cut off debate on any subject (such as when the writers are "beating a dead horse"). We've actually had that happen a couple times in the 9 years I have been here. One time was the standard wet-dry debate after a local restaurant received a permit to serve beer and wine. The topic monopolized our opinion page for what seemed like forever. It got to the point that the letters weren't saying anything new, and some were getting quite aggressive, almost vicious... You get the idea, so the editor put a blurb in that after a certain date, no more letters would be published.

Hope this helps.

Andrea Bruner
Assistant Managing Editor
Batesville Daily Guard
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