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Default School lunch criteria?

Does everyone get requests to run the income criteria for school lunch programs as a news release? In the past, we have combined the information for the school, head start, daycare center and another agency that are required to submit them, and we have run it as news because we take the liberty of combining them, and we run it at OUR convenience.

However, this year the public school is being more specific in its request to have it run at a certain time, citing how they MUST have a copy in their file and they need it run in the next two weeks. To us, this spells LEGAL NOTICE. We will quote them a price and go from there. However, we still have to deal with the three other agencies using the federal lunch program. Using a condensed, sans serif type, this is going to take up a 3x14 space, so it's not insignificant.

I wondered how other newspapers handle this.
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