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Lori Freeze 07-13-08 05:06 PM

2008 Session - Creating an Online Culture
Creating an Online Culture at your Paper – Joe Guertin, Street Fighter Selling

Joe gave an entertaining and informative two-part presentation with the goal of stimulating ideas and strategies to increase the importance, presence, priority and team passion for your website. Sign up for his free newsletter.

Seven Steps to Creating an Online Culture:

1) Know what to forget – Old habits die hard, but get away from “…the way we do it.”
2) The “Cousin Earl” Effect – Bringing someone in who may know a little about HTML and putting him in a cubicle with no interaction with the rest of the staff indicates that your website is separate and unimportant. Give it peer status, mainstream it and make the investment in it.
3) Involve the Whole Team – This will require new duties, new accountability and new training.
4) Defeat the Resistance – Overcome the “saboteurs”, “snipers” and “comfort zoners” on your staff. Find someone who is willing to learn and change.
5) Hire “Fresh Eyes” – Recruit from your best; ask your hardest workers for references. Look for innovators. Look for employees who want opportunity and challenge, not just stability.
6) Reward Mistakes – punishment is warranted only for lack of effort, not for lack of results. If something doesn’t work, don’t reprimand an employee if there was an honest effort made.
7) Lead Like Crazy – Sell it! Celebrate small victories. Keep the fire burning.

Resources offered include:

Skill-building –
Article database:
Sales and managing resources:
Sales & Marketing Management magazine:
National Newspaper Association:
Newspaper Association of America:

Customer Resources – (print out articles and provide them to your clients)
National Automobile Dealers Assoc.:
Furniture store resource:
Retail grocery trends/news:
Marketing ideas and articles:
American Demographics Magazine:
Business plans, contracts, etc.:
Business magazines and newspapers links:
Nationwide business journals:
New ideas for advertisers:

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