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Lori Freeze 11-01-07 06:32 PM

AAA policy amended
This is from an e-mail announcing action at the AAA October Board meeting:

Amended Media Policy

In an attempt to eliminate controversy and clear up confusion the AAA Board of Directors voted to amend a portion of its 2007-2008 media credential policy dealing with photography, film, video and audio use for regional and state events.

Amended item #2 to read: The Arkansas Activities Association is the owner of its rights, events and the copyright holder of AAA events. Still photography, filming, videotaping and audio recording is prohibited at all AAA regional/state events, except as expressly and specifically authorized by the AAA.

Tres 11-02-07 10:52 AM

Thanks for the update, Lori.

Jack Zibluk wrote a piece that appeared on the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) Web site in September. Of course, it did not contemplate the recent amendment (which seemed to change very little), but I thought it might be of interest. It was also published in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Here is the link:

Arkansas Group Lacks Authority To Claim High School Sports Photos' Copyright


Tom Larimer 11-02-07 12:16 PM

Policy creating confusion
The new AAA policy regarding photography at AAA sanctioned, post-season events is causing a lot of confusion and more than a little heartburn among APA member newspapers. According to Wadie Moore at AAA, the credentialing process for print media has not changed, that credentials will be issued to print media outlets AT NO CHARGE to cover their events for the newspapers. A charge comes in only if you plan to re-sell images captured at the events via your Web site. A lot of APA member newspapers do this, so this is creating some concern. I visited with Moore this morning to clarify the policy. If you'd like to visit with him about it, call him at 501-955-2500.

Moore said that some newspapers getting credentials to cover post season events have told him they plan to ignore the policy regarding re-selling of images via their Web sites. He added that the policy is an attempt to get control of those "professional" photographers profiting from AAA post-season events by selling images online. He says that the fees collected from these individuals is returned to the schools participating in the post season events.

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