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New advertising scam (10.23.07)
Craig Eastham, advertising manager of The Dumas Clarion, reports a scam involving an ad promising an income for a work-at-home job. Apparently, the perpetrator attempts to pay for the ads with fraudulent or stolen credit cards. When payment from the credit card is canceled, the scam artist just offers another credit card number or sends a forged money order.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is encouraging merchants who accept orders made by telephone for goods and services to take steps to ensure that the payment method or credit card is valid and that the purcahser is authorized to use the particular credit card.

FCC Offers some warning signs of fraud.

The caller is:

1. Happy to order "whatever you have in stock";
2. Supplies multiple credit cards as one or more are declined;
3. Cannot provide the credit card verification code number (the three-digit number on the back of the card);
4. Wants the goods shipped or services rendered through a third party;
5. Will not identify himself or give a company name; and
6. Changes delivery or payment method after an order has been placed.

Post here if you have come into contact with the sort of activity described above.

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